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Pedagogical management

The term "management" has wide interpretation consequently any its definition will be incomplete. As a whole it is a complex of general approaches, forms, methods providing competent - professional management of the certain system, irrespective of character and kind of a managerial situation on achievement of posed goals and objectives.

As to the educational process the pedagogical management in teaching is the purposeful pedagogical activity of heads on organizing and creating of an effective system of experts teaching process management. Teaching process should be considered as uniform pedagogical engineering process - pedagogical technology. (N.A.Davydov, N.A.Bojchenko, 1992)

Implementation of pedagogical management in educational process made changing in orthodox views of teachers to the pedagogical activity, at last, to receive new quality and satisfaction in pedagogical process.

To present day this quality was lacking both during the process of knowledge transfer, and during its acquirement by the trainees. It can be explained by a residual principle that continues to dominate during the teaching of experts, especially the future experts, causes the irreparable injury, is shown up by the "failure" in development and realization of various reforms.

There was a striking unconformity of needs of developing society in highly competent experts to opportunities of our today's education. And this disharmony approaches a critical situation. This is extremely necessary to restructure extensively and radically all the traditional system of teaching and it is impossible to carry out it without pedagogical management.

In turn management is impossible without regular monitoring of all managerial process. In any administrative process monitoring should be considered as one of the major and extremely necessary technological parts.

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